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About Dr. Carl Christman

Dr. Christman is a professor of communication, author, and speaker. He uses language, psychology, and non-verbal communication to educate and entertain audiences. His best-selling book How to Read Minds & Influence People explores communication from a radically different perspective. It unlocks the science of reading people and helps people harness the power of persuasion. He offers participants the tools to relate to people and positively influence them.

You may download a one-sheet to share with your client or planning committee. Agent-friendly one-sheets are available upon request.


Keynote Address

Dr. Christman's keynote address is the perfect centerpiece for your next meeting. His focus on interpersonal communication helps your audience relate to others more effectively. He uses his experience as a professor of communication to make sure presentations are educational and his background as a mentalist to make them interactive and entertaining. Find out what countless meeting planners, booking agents, and event organizers have discovered. Let Carl use his years of experience to help make your next meeting a success.


Breakout Session

As a professor of communications Dr. Christman has spent more than a decade teaching people how to communicate more effectively. His presentation explores interpersonal communications and persuasion for executives from a radically different perspective. Participants will gain the tools to relate to co-workers, clients and management more productively.

- Learn how sales techniques can be used at your organization.
- Learn how to improve relationships by "reading people" and better understanding what they are thinking.
- Learn how to sell yourself and your organization with proven persuasion techniques.


Best-Selling Book

How to Read Minds & Influence People explores sales from a radically different perspective. It unlocks the secrets of real mind reading and helps you harness the power of persuasion. If your life would be easier if you knew what people are thinking, this book is for you. If you have to persuade people at home, work, or school, this book is for you. You'll gain the tools to relate to people and positively influence them. Get ready to learn what researchers have proven and what top sales people use.

Client Testimonials

  • "Carl presented to our North American Sales team at our annual meeting. His presentation on "people reading" and micro-expressions was engaging, timely and informative."

    Ray Melleady - Executive Vice President - United States Seating / USSC Group
  • "It was a fun session and tied in so well with our overall theme!"

    Rita Fillingane - Vice President, Research & Collaboration - California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues
  • "He leaves you with skills you can use daily and does it in such an entertaining fashion! Carl is someone you will definitely want to have as a speaker at your next conference."

    Marilyn Atchue-Zuill - GlobalAccount Director - HPN Global
  • "Carl's keynote was a hit. Our team loved it."

    Jacklyn Montgomery - Executive Director - CalACT

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