Alex Jazan

This is the cease and desist letter sent to, and formal complaint filed aginst, Alex Jazan as a result of his ongoing harassment and defamation in the workplace. This page will be updated with any further complaints or legal action, should his inapropriate behavior continue.

Cease and Desist Letter Sent to Alex Jazan

Alejandro Jazan,

I demand that you cease and desist all bullying and harassment against me. Your well documented abuses have resulted in a hostile work environment and are detrimental to both College of the Desert and myself. You have ignored my pleas and direct orders from your supervisor, Dean Papas. If your inappropriate actions continue, you leave yourself open to civil damages for intentional infliction of emotional distress.

In addition, I demand that you cease and desist all slander and libel against me. Your well documented attempts to spread unsubstantiated rumors about me constitute defamation and is in violation of California Civil Code §§ 44, 45a and 46.

Nothing contained herein or omitted herefrom shall be deemed to be an admission, limitation, or waiver of any of my rights, remedies or defenses, either at law or in equity, all of which are hereby expressly reserved.

This letter acts as your final warning to discontinue this inappropriate conduct before I pursue legal actions against you. I hope these issues can be resolved within College of the Desert, but I reserve my right to involve the legal system if you continue your bullying and harassment.

Carl Christman
Communication Studies Instructor
College of the Desert

Formal Complaint Against Alex Jazan


I would like to file a formal complaint against Alex for workplace harassment and bullying. I have included my statement below and would like to meet with you at your convenience to discuss it. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Thank You,
Carl Christman

This all started in the Spring of 2016 when Alex informed me that he was going to be getting his doctorate at Cal State, San Bernardino and said I should look into it. I thought that was a great idea and I enrolled in the program. Shortly thereafter I noticed a change in his demeanor. Sheri Jones, our dean at the time, told me that Alex felt competitive and thought that my doing the program diminished the importance of his decision to continue his education. I considered dropping out of the program before classes even started, but when I talked to people at COD and in my personal life they all told me I should not put my goals on hold because of someone else’s problems.

Although the hostile work environment is ongoing, the speech tournaments have posed extreme challenges with Alex. During the first one I ran, on May 6th, 2016, a couple of his students were not on the list. Once I was informed of that issue, I quickly added them and they were able to participate. The first time I talked with him directly about the obvious tension between us was on July 20th, 2016. At that point he told me that he thought I had left his students off the list on purpose to make him look bad. I had never considered that and was obviously shocked by the allegation. He told me that he thought I was manipulative and had been playing mind games on him and everyone else in the department. To make matters worse, I later found out that he had been spreading this rumor behind my back since the tournament. It made it more difficult to run subsequent tournaments with him actively working to undermine my credibility with my colleagues.

The next two tournaments were also problematic. I started to dread department meetings because Alex consistently used them as an opportunity to attack me. Getting ready for the tournament as a department took a back seat to his desire to express his anger toward me and when possible, make me look bad in front of my colleagues. And during the actual tournaments Alex indicated that he thought I was biased against his students. It was difficult for me to tally the scores and have the results mean anything when he was questioning my motives and integrity.

During the most recent speech tournament, on December 1st, 2017, I judged the final round of persuasive speeches. Alex came into the classroom and stood by the door watching me the entire time. After the round he asked to speak with me in private and we went to the conference room. He asked me why I didn't time the speeches. I informed him that I timed them with my cell phone. He then asked to see the times on the scoresheets. I told him that I did not record the times as long as they were within the five to ten minute range that we had set for the speeches, which all of the finalists were. He asked me how I knew they were within that range if I didn't time them. I told him for a second time that I did time them. He asked a third time why I didn't time them. I told him that I had already answered his question twice, that he was out of line, and that I didn't appreciate his trying to bully me. I then left the room and went to my office to finish scoring the sheets. He followed me and demanded to know what criteria I used for judging the speeches. I then proceeded to tell him how I judged them, which is based on the criteria we decided on as a department and the same as the rest of the judges. I then left my office and went to Ed's office to finish scoring the speeches away from him. Alex went to Maria Elena's office and complained about me to her.

In speech tournaments, instructors do not judge their own students because of the potential bias. His watching me judge and then confronting me about how I was judging before the winners were announced calls the fairness of the tournament into question. And his following me and continuing to interrogate me after I had made it clear I felt he was out of line and did not want to discuss it with him, constitutes harassment.

For the last eighteen months I have kept detailed records of our interactions and am happy to provide them in any format needed. Ed should still have the tournament scoresheets I completed if anyone would like to inspect them. For corroboration you may talk to Sheri Jones, Ed Reed, and Maria Elena Diaz. Thank you for your help in this matter.