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Carl Christman is a teacher, author, and speaker. He plays with language, psychology and non-verbal communication to educate and entertain audiences. His best-selling book How to Read Minds and Influence People explores communication from a radically different perspective. It unlocks the science of reading people and helps people harness the power of persuasion. He offers participants the tools to relate to people and positively influence them.


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Keynote Address & Training

As a professor of communications Carl has spent more than a decade teaching people how to communication more effectively. His presentation explores interpersonal communications and persuasion for association executives from a radically different perspective. Participants will gain the tools to relate to clients, co-workers, and others more productively. - Learn how sales techniques can be used at your organization - Learn how to improve relationships by “reading people” and better understanding what they are thinking - Learn how to sell your yourself and your organization with proven persuasion techniques


Psychological Entertainment

This show is perfect as the centerpiece of your party or meeting. Carl combines magic, mind reading and comedy in an audience-centered exploration of the mind. This interactive experience is sure to please the entire group and leave them talking about it for weeks to come.

Client Testimonials

  • "On behalf of our team, thank you for an amazing service and experience for the Dalai Lama's 80th Birthday Celebration. You were a hit at the event and guests are still talking about you."

    Amber Gonzales - VIP Events & Services Coordinator

  • Thanks for helping me look good! You were a hit. Looking forward to working with you again!

    Michelle Thornton - Event Manager

  • That was awesome. I have no idea how you did that.

    Linda Sanchez - Congresswoman

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